Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bola Krafts Cares ~ Take 2 ONLINE sale

Hi all!
Hope you are preparing nicely for Christmas holidays?! I am looking forward to the break and spending time with family :)

Last week Saturday, Bola Krafts was supposed to be at the Fort Greene Holiday Market to sell hats for our winter monetary donation but unfortunately in the NY/NJ area we had a snow storm that I couldn't drive to the event, I was extremely disappointed but as we all know safety has to come first.

I decided that I would do an online sale, since all the hats are ready, all hats are $25 plus cost of shipping and you can use it to bless a baby in need this Christmas if you choose or just a gift for your loved little ones. ALL proceeds from the sale is going to Givers for God, a charity organization in Lagos, Nigeria. They host a Christmas party every year and will be holding it this Saturday Dec 21st, so I'm hoping to raise enough money to buy books and bibles that will be given out to the children that will attend. How exciting!


All you have to do is send me an email -  letting me know which hat you want to purchase and I'll get it to the post ASAP. Below are the hats and first person to contact gets it! Let's go, support a great cause!

0 - 3 months basket ball hat, 0 - 3 months red velvet cupcake hat

3 - 6 months basket ball hat, 3- 6 months pink cupcake hat

 3 - 6 months green boy owl hat, 3 - 6 months yellow girl owl hat ( boths hats are now SOLD)
0 - 3 months blue boy owl hat, 0 - 3 months pink girl owl hat
3 - 6 months red mickey mouse hat, 3 - 6 months pink minnie mouse hat (Pink minnie is SOLD)
0 - 3 months red mickey mouse hat, 0 - 3 months red minnie mouse hat
0 - 3 months light blue with brown inner ears boy hat, 0 - 3 months grey with pink flower and jewel girl hat
3 - 6 months light blue with blue inner ears boy hat, 3 - 6 months grey with yellow flower and jewel girl hat
0 - 3 months white with red flower and green leaves girl hat, 3 - 6 months striped green and white with red flower girl hat (just perfect for the holidays)
0 - 3 months snow man hat, 3 - 6 months snow man hat
3 - 6 months brown and orange aviator style boy hat, 3 - 6 months brown and orange flower girl hat
0 - 3 months dark grey with green ear boy hat, 0 - 3 months white with ankara fabric bow girl hat

remember to send me an email to purchase!

Thank you soooooo much xx

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bola Krafts Cares is BACK!

Hello all, I have GREAT news!

Bola Krafts Cares Take 2! is about to be in full swing. It was important for me to round this year off with another Donations project and I couldn't be more excited that I get to do this for the second go around.

Bola Krafts was selected to be a vendor at the Fort Green Holiday Market taking place Dec 14th 2013
-this fair goes to supporting the Arts & Letters elementary and middle school in Brooklyn NY, all proceeds raised from the fair ie Booth Rental etc goes towards funding the arts program.

-I will be selling hats there and 100% of the proceeds will go to buying books to donate to a school library in Lagos, Nigeria.

-I will also be suggesting to people who purchase the hats if they don't mind buying it for someone who needs it.

All in all a Win! Win! Win! Situation. As usual I need your help! Any donations to help buy the supplies and pay for the booth rental will be much appreciated and also your cheering on. I plan to make as many hats as possible hahaha between Nov 18th - Dec 14th so help me God, Let's go!

Please send donations to my PayPal account - :D THANK YOU in advance.

Friday, October 4, 2013

It's about that time!

Hi everyone!

So sorry Bola Krafts blog has been super quiet but not too worry we are about to crank things up a notch becauseeeeee fall/ winter is just around the corner, it's time for you to put in your orders, you know you definitely want your little ones in their unique hats come this winter. So email me for inquires and get scheduled in

Also Bola Krafts Cares 2.0 is also just around the corner, I am very much interested in making a donation either to kids that have cancer or kids in a shelter, please please please if you have any contacts feel free to let me know, this would be for the month of December for me to work on, THANK YOU!

a little snippet of recent orders I made to brighten up your already great friday, how cute is this little princess :) and the Red Velvet Cupcake hat?!



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

~Krafty Inspiration for Summer~

Hi guys!

it has been a minute since I updated the blog...I am so sorry, I had a loss in my family in May - my dad passed on to be with God and so I had a hiatus from making items, I really want to thank everyone who has had orders in and have been patient enough to wait till I was doing a bit better. With the break I took it was a bit hard for me to get back into the swing of things but I did notice than when I made stuff I felt a whole lot better, I tell you crocheting and knitting is therapeutic for the soul. I will keep chugging along as I can but still ask for you to be patient with me!

Though May was tough, June was my birthday month, (birthday is June 27th) and I do have a lot to be grateful for, this year has surely been one of signs and wonders, so I had dinner with friends and a mini photoshoot with my personal photog, TemT (my husband) I'll see if I share some pictures ahem..but all in all the love I received that day overwhelmed me and I couldn't ask for a better unit of family and friends, God bless you all

Anywayssss this isn't a personal blog (well I guess its my blog so it can be what I want it to be hahaha) so let me get to the matter at hand - its the summer time and you are wondering how can Bola Krafts make anything for you in this HOT weather, fear not I have complied some pictures of items that you can still get for your little ones and is sure to be a hit with them, enjoy the pictures below for some Krafty Inspiration that I ofcourse got from my best social network - pinterest :), if you would like to order any of these just send me an email

                                                   Cute Sandals - I LOVE these

                                               Hair hands and bows/clips for your girlies

                Real Bola Krafts bands and customers, Elly, Sammie and Rory (2 sisters) look so cute

                                                          Bowties for the Gentleboys

                                                  bowties onesies - are they not adorable!
Birthday girl and her mama, no this wasn't my bday I just love the picture of us, captures our essence :)

                                    Here I am, 3 days after my birthday! 28 and loving it!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Life after Bola Krafts Cares

Hi guys!

So I'm still on the Bola Krafts Cares high o, don't know about you but it was such an amazing experience for me. Fortunately for me I had to switch gears over back to the business side of Bola Krafts as I had/have orders waiting for me, this our God is too good o, in all honesty I thought the orders will slow down as we are entering the summer months but not at all, folks are ordering for the upcoming fall and winter months , also for newborn shoots :D , I'm currently booked till about mid june so if you know you want to order message me now - so I can put you in my orders book o! Anyways wanted to share with you some more of my completed items, some I finished this week even. Enjoy below!

This was a custom order ie BolaKrafts Original for Naeto "Super C" - a Nigerian Celebrity ( see BolaKrafts going big haha!) son, Aunty Zina ordered this for him, I'm hoping we get a picture *cough cough*

Little girls will love this Hello Kitty hat, so Cayute!

Another Bola Krafts Original for my coworker who is a big NY Yankees fan 

I Love this set below so much, already have an order to make this, can't wait 

These cute cute boys refused to remove their hats haha their mum texted their aunt Odi, who ordered for them

Just finished these below this week, bottom left is for a Little Manchester United fan - a play on their nickname "Red Devils" can't wait to see him in it

A favorite amongst my customers of course Minnie and Mickey, a flower hat and big baby bear :)

I Love this right here! How cute are those booties :), the little girl just got her package and her parents loved it, thanks Aunty Deji!

I leave you with this quote below, this is what we aim to do at Bola Krafts!, enjoy your weekend! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bola Krafts Cares Project: The Drop Off Experience

Hi lovely people!
So I wanted to give you the run down on how my drop off experience went. As you all know I completed THE first Bola Krafts Cares donation, (if you don't know what it is about or are new to the blog, please just make yourself comfortable and read my older posts  :) you'll enjoy the journey) and my friend Toun and I had made plans to go to the hospital today to drop the hats off at the center. I didn't even realize today was May 1st when we said we would go next wednesday, funny enough part of the things  I said I wanted to do in this new year was to do something new at the beginning of each month, so it was just a great way to start of May.  Below I'll give you the run down and just explain the experience with the pictures I was able to take, enjoy!

May 1st, 2013

8:00 AM
Here I am bright and early ahem, with the packages (my package along with my friend Bukky who made some hats to donate also) ready for delivery, I harassed someone on my bus line to help me take my picture :)

11:00 AM
I left my office around 11 and headed down to Brooklyn, luckily it was a short ride took me about 20 mins, getting out the train made me a bit nostalgic I hadn't been to this part of BK in years, maybe since I lived close by in park slope. The hospital is close to fulton street where I went to pierce my ears (second holes) in some bootleg jewelry store as claires wouldn't do it for me since I was 17 then and you needed an "adult" like I said random nostalgic memories, I digress back to the story, I finally saw the sign for the hospital and I got excited, its finally happening!

11:26 - 11:40 AM
I waited and waited and waited for Doc Toun o for a long time! ok well not too long hehe, mind you she was coming from Brooklyn and I Manhattan, she couldn't believe I made it there before her in her words "the devil is a liar!" haha she had some train issues but she finally made it and of course we had special treatment because she used to work there ( no pictures of my wait, I was busy thinking about how things would go when we got upstairs)

11:42 AM
After hugging and quick catch up as we walked upstairs we finally got to the Neonatal floor, were I was fortunate to meet the Nurse Manager and the lovely Nurse below, her name escapes me now. Toun was so excited she did all the talking and told them basically how I made all the hats to donate, the nurse below was like "no strings attached?!" hahahaha I guess nowadays some people always expect something in return, she also said "do you want the box back?!" I said no please its part of it, she and the nurse manager just kept ooooing and aaaaaing that they were so cute and not really gotten any hats like this before. Though I couldn't go see the babies ( there were like 3 doors before you could even get to their rooms plus they don't want any of our germs for real!) , Toun and the Nurse showed me the room where they have their success stories on the wall and also albums where families send the Unit letters after their babies have gone home. Apparently the babies are called Survivors - Toun said the amount of details and care that goes daily into watching the babies is amazing down to if they gain 1gram not a pound o, 1 gram to how many diapers are changed to how they retain water all means something, but the babies are fighting fighting to live, God bless their soul. The Nurse has worked in Neonatal Unit for 26 years , so I can't imagine what she has seen and been through. One of the other Dr's I met (2nd in command of the Unit)  was so excited , she kept saying how will we determine which babies get which hats, then she ran with the baseball flower hat to go see which baby she would give it to, that made my day~

12:10 PM
Of course with corporate america and 1 hr or so lunch I had to get back to the office, Toun made me tear up a few times with how enthusiastic she was just talking about the project. Here's Toun and I we got some guy named ....gash totally forgot his name, Jack? mayhaps to help us take our picture outside the hospital, can you tell from Toun's smile she's a happy bunny? Love you Doc Toun Toronto! Shout out to my Doc who's going to be specializing in OBGYN if only she wasn't moving so far away she would have delivered my babies, maybe you will just drive down when the time comes! better make sure we do our dinner o, have too much to catch up on.

and there you have it folks, first Bola Krafts Cares Experience was beyond amazing and definitely a blessing to me, I pray once more that the hats bring joy to the families and staff and maybe I'll get a picture from the hospital that I can share on here, hey you never know!


P.S. Some Facts
- A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is an intensive care unit specializing in the care of ill or premature newborn infants.
- The Brooklyn Hospital Center is located - 121 Dekalb Ave, New York, NY 11205

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bola Krafts Cares Project - Grand Update

Hi guys!!

I know you have been anxiously waiting for this post (ahem), wanting to see how the hats turned out. As nice as my iphone pictures have been, I wanted to do the hats justice and asked TemT to take official pictures for me. I am beyond pleased with how every hat came out and I'm so excited to share with you the final items. so without too much talking enjoy the photos below

It's a hoot hoot party! I LOVE the girl sleepy owls, i love all the owls, so cute!

Walt Disney would be so happy with how these came out, Mickey and Minnie for the win always 

Where are mommy and daddy's little baby bears?, right here!!

Love Love these , the softness of the grey flower against the yellow hat, so nice 

Color blocking even in 2013, we make it cool still haha

For my sports lovers, football and baseball hats, his and hers :), lets go Giants and Mets!

There just had to be a hat with a heart, everything we make is made with Love

**Drum Roll** - All 30 Hats!

Presentation and Packing is everything! - Love this box i found at TJ Maxx

~Yours Truly~

Thank you God for blessing my hands to finish up the project and also thanks so much to you all for your support, partaking in this project has definitely enriched my life and I'm so glad I made the decision to do it, April 2013 has been a blessed month for me. When I was finishing up I was a tad bit emotional, thinking about the little babies that will wear the hats, and I hope it will bring a smile to their parents and even the NICU staff's faces when they see the babies in it.  I can't wait to go deliver next week - look out for my update!

I leave you with this quote from Mother Theresa - “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”  , I made sure that every hat I made was made from a place of love, it might seem like the hats are a lot but to me this is just my small token or way of making a difference in 2013. I hope to even make greater strides with Bola Krafts Cares by Gods special grace, I just have to committ my ideas and ways to the Lord, Trust in Him and He will surely bring them to pass (Psalm 37 v 5), and I know once I do that, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me (Philippians 4 v 13).

Till the next post~
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