Tuesday, July 2, 2013

~Krafty Inspiration for Summer~

Hi guys!

it has been a minute since I updated the blog...I am so sorry, I had a loss in my family in May - my dad passed on to be with God and so I had a hiatus from making items, I really want to thank everyone who has had orders in and have been patient enough to wait till I was doing a bit better. With the break I took it was a bit hard for me to get back into the swing of things but I did notice than when I made stuff I felt a whole lot better, I tell you crocheting and knitting is therapeutic for the soul. I will keep chugging along as I can but still ask for you to be patient with me!

Though May was tough, June was my birthday month, (birthday is June 27th) and I do have a lot to be grateful for, this year has surely been one of signs and wonders, so I had dinner with friends and a mini photoshoot with my personal photog, TemT (my husband) I'll see if I share some pictures ahem..but all in all the love I received that day overwhelmed me and I couldn't ask for a better unit of family and friends, God bless you all

Anywayssss this isn't a personal blog (well I guess its my blog so it can be what I want it to be hahaha) so let me get to the matter at hand - its the summer time and you are wondering how can Bola Krafts make anything for you in this HOT weather, fear not I have complied some pictures of items that you can still get for your little ones and is sure to be a hit with them, enjoy the pictures below for some Krafty Inspiration that I ofcourse got from my best social network - pinterest :), if you would like to order any of these just send me an email bolakrafts@icloud.com

                                                   Cute Sandals - I LOVE these

                                               Hair hands and bows/clips for your girlies

                Real Bola Krafts bands and customers, Elly, Sammie and Rory (2 sisters) look so cute

                                                          Bowties for the Gentleboys

                                                  bowties onesies - are they not adorable!
Birthday girl and her mama, no this wasn't my bday I just love the picture of us, captures our essence :)

                                    Here I am, 3 days after my birthday! 28 and loving it!


  1. U make a fabulous 28. I love your work!!! You totally amaze me. So so proud.

  2. Awww. So sorry for your loss :( May your Dad's soul rest in peace, amen!

    28 looks good on you! :) Those crocheted sandals are calling Ite's name. Will be mailing you soon!

    1. thank you so much, Amen!

      no problem will look out for the email :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Bola, may your Dads soul rest in peace. The Lord is your strength.

  4. Yaaay, an update :D Sexxy 28!!!!
    So sorry for your loss again B. His soul is resting in peace.

    Love the sandals and the onesies.....my own size show?

    1. Amen thanks fonzyboo, but you know the deal maybe one day one day i will make an exception?!

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your dad's loss.I hope Aunty B is doing well...Happy Belated Birthday too... I cant wait to have a baby...when I get married that is..Lol; I will surely be ordering some bolakrafts items for my baby...haha

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