Tuesday, July 2, 2013

~Krafty Inspiration for Summer~

Hi guys!

it has been a minute since I updated the blog...I am so sorry, I had a loss in my family in May - my dad passed on to be with God and so I had a hiatus from making items, I really want to thank everyone who has had orders in and have been patient enough to wait till I was doing a bit better. With the break I took it was a bit hard for me to get back into the swing of things but I did notice than when I made stuff I felt a whole lot better, I tell you crocheting and knitting is therapeutic for the soul. I will keep chugging along as I can but still ask for you to be patient with me!

Though May was tough, June was my birthday month, (birthday is June 27th) and I do have a lot to be grateful for, this year has surely been one of signs and wonders, so I had dinner with friends and a mini photoshoot with my personal photog, TemT (my husband) I'll see if I share some pictures ahem..but all in all the love I received that day overwhelmed me and I couldn't ask for a better unit of family and friends, God bless you all

Anywayssss this isn't a personal blog (well I guess its my blog so it can be what I want it to be hahaha) so let me get to the matter at hand - its the summer time and you are wondering how can Bola Krafts make anything for you in this HOT weather, fear not I have complied some pictures of items that you can still get for your little ones and is sure to be a hit with them, enjoy the pictures below for some Krafty Inspiration that I ofcourse got from my best social network - pinterest :), if you would like to order any of these just send me an email bolakrafts@icloud.com

                                                   Cute Sandals - I LOVE these

                                               Hair hands and bows/clips for your girlies

                Real Bola Krafts bands and customers, Elly, Sammie and Rory (2 sisters) look so cute

                                                          Bowties for the Gentleboys

                                                  bowties onesies - are they not adorable!
Birthday girl and her mama, no this wasn't my bday I just love the picture of us, captures our essence :)

                                    Here I am, 3 days after my birthday! 28 and loving it!

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