Saturday, March 30, 2013


So it's been a long time coming (well if you would consider 2 months long haha, my friends do) and I just felt that the time is NOW :)  for me to start my blog!

Hi, my name is Bolanle and this is my space to share with you my work - so funny saying that because at the beginning of this year , crocheting and knitting wasn't on my goals list as an opportunity but God has a way of doing His thing and Bola Krafts was born, yay!

Bola Krafts as my description says makes crochet and knit items with so much love but right now I only make for little ones meaning children ranging from newborn - child, I'm sorry grown folks but their stuff is just so much cuter and much fun for me to make, plus a child's look is priceless when I see them in their items, sighhhhh

anyways not to talk to much but follow me on my Krafting and (maybe just maybe a little bit into my life ) journey!


  1. Welcome Bola!! so excited to learn more about Bola and BolaKrafts

  2. Whoop! Whoop!!! - From a highly satisfied customer..

  3. Yes, two months is long! Finally...
    Welcome to the blogosphere Bola Krafts.

  4. Weeee... #BolaKrafts


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