Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Birth of Bola Krafts

This Post is dedicated to my ZuriDee, my gorgeous godson.

I have always crocheted and knitted so when my best friend Qyus (o to the rest of the world she's known as Nosa) got pregnant, I knew that I wanted to make a blanket for one of her shower gifts but I had never made a blanket prior and neither did I have the patience to read patterns and follow through so this to me was going to be a challenge to finish. I set to finding my pattern and decided to start making the blanket early enough so it would be ready by the shower, it took me a whileeeeeeeee and when I was done I was like I'm not giving it anymore, it was not good enough, I want to make a brand new blanket. TemT (my husband) said for me to give it to her, that it was nice and I spent time making it, so I went ahead and I'm glad I did. The shower day was very emotional and I was so happy that Qyus and BigDee were happy about the blanket too. Zuri has since then been a BolaKrafts ambassador.

 From that point on I caught the bug, I ended up making him a second blanket, made it faster - a week or so ( unfortunately,this was during hurricane sandy and fortunately, I had all the time then) and I haven't stopped since then - in the past I usually had spurts where I would crochet and knit for maybe a month, never finish a project and not do it again for the another 2 years but this time its different, especially since I believe I have found my niche with making items for kids, Im enjoying it so much and I'm being encouraged to by a lot of friends that I don't have a choice but to keep the train moving along :)

Enjoy some pics of my lovely baby boy in Bola Krafts items~
BoBE (Bolanle) and Qyus (Nosa) on the shower day with Zuri's first blanket :)

Wrapped up in Love

His second blanket ~ I love, love Chevron stitch, sorry lighting does the blanket no justice

In His Mickey Hat, look at those eyes and lips, so cute!

He is gorgeous like I said right, thats all folks! 


  1. This is only the beginning....greater things to come!!!

  2. Aww! A whole post for me, MaTwo? Thank you!!!!

    Yes, Zuri loves ALL his BolaKrafts items and so do his cousins that have them.


    1. ONe post is not enough sef, yay love my familyyyy, can't wait for this coming fall/winter

  3. He is, yummy!

    Higher you shall go and bigger and better things ahead in Jesus name-amen!!!

    Mega proud!
    And I need to get back on my apprenticeship...ahem


  4. Hi Bola.
    This is truly beautiful.
    You inspire me to get creative.
    Myt just learn how to knit.


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