Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bola Krafts Projects - Part 1


Thanks for all the love so far, its so greatttt and just encouraging to know people are rooting for Bola Krafts, yay!

I wanted to share with you all some of the projects I have worked on, I might have to do this in 2 posts haha, I have literally had projects to work on every week since Bola Krafts became official in February 2013 so there are lots of pictures to share. It surely has been fun ride so far, so not to talk too much enjoy the pictures

First official order whether I was ready or not, Odi had me make hats for her two nieces, she loved them and has kept ordering items from me, thanks Odi!

For my friend Lanre's daughter, I absolutely love the yarn I used to make the rose

Top and bottom pictures, my God babies- Caleb and Zina, Bola Krafts Models, Caleb in dinosaur spikes hat, Zina in her nice warm scarf

Seaniepooooo! this picture warms my heart, he was so excited to wear his hat!

top-baby owl hats for twin babies, Aunty Niki ordered and bottom - this hat is one of my favorites, the minnie hat, I was so happy with how this came out, thanks Repeat Crafter Me !
(these are the owls I am making for Bola Krafts Cares)

Baby Tiwa decked out in n all her Bola Kraft items! 

Look for the follow up post showing more pictures and keep ordering Bola Krafts xx


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